About Me

Because inquiring minds want to know

Matthew blaylock

I love coffee, coaching, and living in Indonesia.

Meditation, yoga, reading, and weightlifting are a few of my hobbies.

I have an insatiable appetite for learning caused by a relentless pursuit to uncover and fulfill my potential. 

From all of that, I bring a unique set of experiences, learnings, and skills to help people that want something more in life.

I have found that most people are trying to survive life by “hanging on in quiet desperation.” Even with all the trappings of success (career, family, money, and education), a nagging voice whispers in the back of their head, “Is this really all there is to life?” They feel hardened, disillusioned, and resigned. Though they may have moments of happiness or fleeting instances of satisfaction, these experiences are few and far between. Those hints of joy seem inconsequential in light of the reality and pressures of their daily life. Perhaps some of that might feel familiar to you.

Maybe you are thinking that your life is not really all that bad. Sure it probably could be better, but you have a lot to be thankful for as well. While that is true, for some reason, you still feel that gnawing sensation in your gut that never really leaves you. I’m suggesting instead of trying to drown the pain by watching another sitcom, buying a new shiny bauble, or numbing the ache with the narcotic de jour, lean into the sensation and listen deeply to the message.

My life has been an on-going process of experiencing this internal tension while searching for tools to eliminate the struggle. From molecular biology to psychology, from spirituality to entrepreneurship, from martial arts to traveling around the world, I have wrestled personally and listened to the stories of thousands of people that feel trapped and have given up hope that there is a way out.

Fortunately for us both, there are other options. A different and more desirable experience is possible. We are not stuck and do not have to live as victims of the whims of the world. At this point, I would love to tell you how easy and painless the process will be. You would probably like to hear that in less than a week, and with just 3 simple steps, everything is going to be different for you.

If that is what you are searching for here, it will be for the best if you continue your search elsewhere. I will not offer you some mythical secret that is effortlessly going to make everything better. The change you want is possible, but it isn’t going to magically happen if you don’t do something beyond what you have already been doing. Your current thinking and behaviors have brought you to this point, but they are not likely to take you to where you want to go.

If you have made it this far, you are probably the kind of person that I would like to get to know and someone that would benefit from the things that I can offer. Enjoy the articles, videos, and discussions on the site. If you want to know more about me, schedule an appointment, or better yet, we can meet and talk at length over a cup of coffee.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi