Natural ways to lower uric acid levels

How to Lower Uric Acid Levels in the Blood (Without Taking Drugs)

Uric Acid is a normal part of human metabolism. As a result of several factors, it is possible for uric acid (UA) levels to become elevated. In Indonesia, high uric acid levels (hyperuricemia) are common. Often times, hyperuricemia is thought to be the cause of joint pain. While this is possible in cases of gouty arthritis, gout only affects about 1-2% of people worldwide. Although hyperuricemia may not be responsible for joint pain, some research shows there is a correlation with type 2 diabetes, stroke, kidney stones, hypertension and renal failure.


What Causes Hyperuricemia?

People can develop hyperuricemia as a result of over-production or under-excretion. Over-production can occur in rare cases of genetic disorders. Usually, people blame certain foods for causing hyperuricemia. While diet can affect UA levels, it is usually only to a small degree. The bigger problem for most people is that UA is not being excreted from the body properly.


Maintaining normal levels of UA in the blood is important for health and wellness. There are some practical steps a person can take to lower their UA levels without taking drugs.


Suggestions to Lower Uric Acid Levels

    • Drink more water – At least 12 cups of water a day
    • Eat more fiber – Consume at least 35-50 grams of fiber a day. Fiber can bind with UA and increase excretion
    • Avoid sugar – Sugar-sweetened drinks and foods can increase UA levels. Especially watch out for high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS).
    • Take a vitamin C supplement – 1000-2000mg per day can help lower UA
    • Take an omega-3 supplement – 2-4 grams of DHA and EPA can reduce inflammation and joint pain as well as lower UA levels
    • Drink milk – As long as a person doesn’t have a milk allergy, the orotic acid found in fresh cow milk can help lower UA levels by decreasing reabsorption
    • Limit organ meat consumption – Some organ meats like brain, liver, and kidney can increase UA levels
    • Limit alcohol intake – Drinking alcohol blocks excretion of UA
    • Exercise – Physical activity like walking will lower UA levels
    • Decrease body weight – Being overweight leads to increased UA levels


Apart from these basic general recommendations, a person can also try several traditional home remedies to lower UA levels

  • Drink apple cider vinegar – The malic acid can help lower UA levels. Make sure it is pure, unfiltered, and unpasteurized. Drink 1 tablespoon in a glass of water up to 2-3 times a day
  • Eat dark, tart cherries – 10-40 cherries. The flavonoid anthocyanin can increase UA excretion
  • Eat celery seeds – eat 1-2 teaspoons a day mixed with foods or brew a tea. These can lower UA levels directly and also increase excretion.


Be Strong and Live Well


Matthew Blaylock

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