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Transformation versus Change

The end goal of coaching is to facilitate a client to achieve their outcome. Through the process of achieving one’s outcome, it is possible to experience transformation in one’s life and mindset. Unfortunately, many people change for a short period of time and eventually relapse into old patterns of behavior and thinking. What is behind this process and how does one experience transformation?


If one looks at the word “trans – form – ation,” the prefix “trans” means across, beyond, or through. “Form” means the shape or structure or essential nature of something. The suffix “ation” denotes that it is a process or action. Taken together, transformation is the action or process of moving beyond or through the shape or structure or essential nature of something to become something new or different. The most obvious example is the caterpillar becoming a butterfly.


Transformation differs significantly from change. While every transformation will result in change, not every change will lead to transformation. Change is the process of replacing or substituting one thing for another. There are many examples of change from daily life including changing one’s mind, clothes, hairstyle, or job.


Michael Hall’s Transformation Model


There is a simple model created by Michael Hall that can be used to explain the steps of how a person can experience transformation. In Michael Hall’s model, there are 4 factors that prepare a person for transformation. The first factor is motivation. A person can desire to move towards what they want or away from what they don’t want. With enough motivation, a person then needs to weigh the pros and cons and reflect on whether the process is worth it. Then after sufficient reflection, a person is ready for the second step which is making a clear decision. With the decision in place, a person then begins creating a plan for how they want to proceed. The third step of the process is translating one’s internal plan into external actions. As a person begins to carry out the steps of their plan, they will get some feedback in the form of results. The results can have no effect or bring one closer or farther away from their desired outcome. It is in the midst of these 4 factors that a person can transform. For more information, please see


While Michael Hall has made the steps that lead to transformation clear, the process is not always simple or linear. It can happen in an instant or it can take many years. The process is different for every person.


Time to Make a Choice


One of the unique characteristics of transformation is that it is unidirectional. Have you ever seen a butterfly go back to being a caterpillar? The process of change leaves the door open to return to previous behaviors and habits. Have you ever gone on a diet for a couple of weeks and then stopped it? Have you ever started an exercise program and didn’t continue it? That is a temporary change. When your mindset or your beliefs have been transformed, you can’t see the world like you did before. You will act and speak and feel differently. That is the magic of transformation. As the new year begins, do you want to change or do you want transformation?


Be Strong and Live Well


Matthew Blaylock


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