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Hey guys. Welcome to the Saluber Coaching Show. Helping you make wellness a priority. My name is Dr. Matthew Blaylock, and in today's episode, we're going to continue the discussion about what is wellness. In today's topic, I'm going to talk with you about what is that illness-wellness scale.


The Illness-Wellness Scale


As we begin, I want you to imagine that there's a scale right here beside me. At the center of that scale is health. Now, that means that there's no sickness or illness or problem with your body, but maybe it's also not functioning optimally. Now, if you go from health and you slide down just a little bit, just take one step down.




Your body starts showing some kind of signs. Maybe you go to the doctor, and you get your blood tested, and you notice that your triglycerides or your cholesterol is a little high. Maybe your blood sugar is up just a little bit from normal. Maybe you had your blood pressure checked, and it's just a little higher than it should be. Or, maybe you look down at your bathroom scale and notice that you've added a few pounds over where you normally are. But let's face reality, we're all busy. We have jobs, and we have families, and we have hobbies and things that were doing every day. It's real easy to just ignore those simple signs. Because you know, really they don't have any negative impact on your life in the beginning.




But, after five or maybe 10 years, those signs begin to develop certain symptoms in your body. Now, maybe you begin to develop migraine headaches, or maybe you have certain pains or aches in your body that just won't go away. Maybe you try to walk up a flight of stairs one day you notice that you’re winded and you're just totally out of breath. But, you know what, life hasn't gotten any easier. You still have the jobs and the families and the hobbies, and you're even busier these days. So, it's real easy just to take a pain-killer to make the migraine or make that ache go away. It's easy just wait on the elevator and go up a few flights instead of taking the stairs. So, a lot of people still continue to ignore the symptoms that have developed in their body.




After another five, maybe ten years, those symptoms begin to develop into a full-blown disease. You go to the doctor one day, and he tells you you're at high risk for having a heart attack. Or, maybe he says I'm sorry to inform you but your blood sugar so high that you've been developing type 2 diabetes for a while now. Or, maybe the doctor tells you that your kidneys are starting to fail. Now, at that point, when the doctor gives the bad news that there's a serious problem with your health, a lot of people begin to wake up. Maybe they're ready to do something about their health at that point, but it's already been 5 10 20 30 40 years that these processes have been going on. But, a lot of people even at that point still refused to do anything to change their life. They don't make any different choices than what they've been doing. And if they continue down the same path that they've been going, they're going to wind up dying prematurely. But, the good news is, people don't have to go down that path. There's another option.


The Path to Wellness


If we start from health and we take a step up, we begin at the level of awareness. We begin to become aware of these internal aspects and these external factors that are influencing our health and our wellness. We begin to become aware of the choices that we have each and every day. And, we become aware that there's a lot of information out there. You can open up the internet, and you can find almost anything that you want to know today. It's at your fingertips. It's one click away. The problem is a lot of the information that's readily available is not appropriate for you. It's not appropriate for your situation. It's not the correct path for your life. Maybe it worked for somebody else. Maybe it's the right choice for other people, but how will you know if it's right for you. When you become aware of the choices that you're making. And, you become aware of the factors and the aspects that are influencing your wellness. And, you get the right information. And, you begin practicing that. You begin applying that to your life. Then you notice you begin to start living with vitality. And, this vitality is you're able to wake up in the morning fully energized. You're able to go through your day doing everything that you need to get done. You're able to come home at night, and you still have energy to be with your family and do the things that you want to do. What you notice is that you begin living with optimal wellness. All of these aspects begin to function together synergistically to support one another. Now, I don't know anybody that doesn't want to experience that in their life.


The Problem with Modern Medicine


The problem is that today's modern medical system focuses on treating illness instead of prevention. The modern medical system looks at what's wrong with you and then what can they do to bring you back to normal. What can they do to bring you back to that neutral point of health? But, all it ever does is treat the illness with some form of pharmaceutical, some form of drugs, or some form of surgery. Now, that is great in the right context. I'm all for using modern medicine in the right context. But, it's not appropriate for all situations, especially for chronic diseases. There's another option. There's an alternative that you can explore, and that's wellness coaching.


Wellness Coaching


Wellness coaching can help you from any aspect or any level on that illness-wellness scale. Whether you have signs or symptoms or disease, it can help move you back up to the level of health. But, it doesn't just leave you there. It helps move you beyond basic health to help you become aware of your choices. It helps you to find the right information. It helps you to experience that vitality so that you're living a life of balance and wellness. You're no longer simply surviving, but you're thriving. You're enjoying your life now. I'm gonna be here every week with this show helping you develop your awareness. Helping you have the right information that will help you along your path. Helping you to experience optimum wellness in your life. If that resonates with you, leave a comment down below and let me know where do you find yourself on this illness-wellness scale right now. And, what is it that you would like to do to begin to move up the scale towards optimal wellness? My name is Dr. Matthew Blaylock. Until we meet again, be strong and live well.


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