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Hey guys. Welcome to the Saluber Coaching Show. Helping you make wellness a priority. My name is Dr. Matthew Blaylock, and in today's episode, I'm going to be continuing the conversation that we've been having for the past few episodes about limitations. I asked you initially, are there things that are holding you back in your life? Are there things that prevent you from achieving the goals that you have in your life? I also helped you work through a process of how you can begin uncovering these limiting beliefs. I asked you five questions about the change process that will help you discover some of the beliefs in the back of your mind that may be holding you back. Today, I want to help you begin to change those limiting beliefs into more positive beliefs. And, just like you can upgrade software on your computer you can upgrade the belief systems in your mind. You can get rid of an old version of a belief, and you can update it with the new empowering belief, but not many people are aware of the process to go through how you begin to do that. And, that's what I'm going to help you do in this episode. So, hopefully, you've already worked through the previous episodes – you've already watched those and you've become aware of the beliefs that may be limiting you. Hopefully, you've done something to get rid of those beliefs, but now how do you begin installing a new belief in your mind today.


I Think …


Well, we start with, what is it that you would like to believe? What is an ideal or a principle or a thought that you think would be beneficial for your life? Maybe it's something as simple as I realize that exercise is important for health. Maybe you could say I recognize that eating junk food is not helping me lose weight. Maybe you could say I realize that it's important to save money. Whatever the idea the thought the principle the concept. Maybe you've just heard something that's a really good idea from someone else, and you wish you could believe that. What is that thought that you would like to install in your mind today? Start from there. What is that thought for you? And now, once you have that thought, would that thought be beneficial if you believed it? Simple yes or no question. Do you think that would benefit you? Would that help your life in some way? If you truly believed that idea, is that something that you want in your life? We need to make sure about this before we begin installing the program –  before we begin installing that belief in your mind. Let's make sure this is what you truly want.


I Believe …


And if it's yes, then I want you to restate that idea as a belief. I believe that exercise is important for health. I believe that saving money is a good idea. I believe that avoiding junk food will help me lose weight. Whatever your statement is, begin it with I believe. Now, what will it take for you to change your tone of voice? How will you need to change your posture? How will you need to say that in such a way that it is convincing if I were listening to you? If I were right in front of you, and you said I believe exercise is important. I believe that I need to save money. Are you going to believe that, or do you think someone else would be convinced if you said it in that way? How do you need to say that? Try saying it out loud right now in such a way that's convincing to yourself. And once you can convince yourself – once you can convince someone else that this is a good idea – that you can believe that, make that belief a decision.


I Decide …


I choose to or I will or I decide that exercise is important for health. I decide – I choose to believe that. I choose to believe that avoiding junk food will help me lose weight. Make that decision. Make that belief into a decision and state that. And again, say it in such a way that you could convince a friend. I choose to believe. I choose for my life that exercise is important for my health.


I Feel …


Now, once you have made that decision, what is the feeling that comes from that? When you have a belief and you make a decision about something that's important, what is the feeling that comes up? Maybe that feeling is confidence. Maybe that feeling is excitement. Maybe that feeling is – I don't know – maybe that feeling is something that will be joyful. Maybe that feeling is something that's like peace. Maybe that feeling is something that you know that you're on the right track. What feeling comes up inside of you? State that out loud – I feel X. I feel confident – that my decision – when I decide to believe exercise is important for my life. What are the feelings that come up? Get in touch with those feelings and allow yourself to be aware of the feelings that come from that decision and that belief about that thought.


 I Will Do …


And once you have that feeling, what are you going to do as a result of the feeling? What will be the one thing that you do as a result of that feeling of confidence, about that decision, because of that belief, about that thought? When you begin to work through those levels – the one behavior that you can do today – what is it? And, when you make that decision – when you have that one behavior clear in your life – what feeling does that give you?


Cycle Up and Down


Begin moving back up these levels. What is the feeling that comes from the decision about the belief about the thought? When you decide that one thing you're going to do, how does that increase that feeling? You made the commitment to yourself. This is the thing you're going to do. How does that turn the feeling up even more? How does that make it more exciting? How does that make it more convincing? How does that make it something that's even more desirable for you? And, when you have that feeling, what does it do to your decision? Your commitment becomes even stronger. And when that commitment is even stronger, how does that make the belief in your mind something that's more real – something is more tangible, something that going to influence your life. And, when you take that belief and it's been turned up even more, take it back to the commitment level – the decision. How does that make the decision even stronger? And what does that do to your feelings? And what does that do to your commitment to that action today? It's the cycle that you can move through. It moves something from your mind – just a thought, an idea. It helps put it into your muscles to where you're going to carry that out – you're going to do something. And it all works through your feelings. You are installing this new belief until it becomes a strong commitment and a strong motivating feeling so that you can perform the behavior – the action – today.


Knowing-Doing Gap


What this is focused on doing is reducing the knowing-doing gap. People in their lives know so much information. They have so many thoughts and things that they know that they should do in their life, but most people's knowledge and most people's actions are very different levels. What this process will help you do is begin to increase what you do so it's the same with what you know. How to change this knowing-doing gap, and how you can begin to take action in your life today based on a belief that you want to install in your mind.




Let me know in the comments down below what empowering beliefs that you have begun to install in your life this week. Let's have a conversation about how we can help other people begin to install these empowering beliefs – begin to upgrade their limiting beliefs into things that they want. And how they can begin taking action and reducing this knowing-doing gap. Until we meet again, my name is Dr. Matthew Blaylock. Be strong and live well



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