Hey guys. Welcome to the Saluber Coaching Show. Helping you make wellness a priority. As we begin today, I want to start with a few questions for you. Have you ever faced any limitations in your life? Have you ever had challenges that have held you back from achieving something that you would like to have or be or do in your life? Is there anything that is constraining you today from being where you would like to be? That's what I want to focus on today. Usually, when we talk about coaching, we're talking about setting clear goals and making a plan to help you move towards what it is that you want. And yet, another part of coaching is also helping someone realize the things that may be holding them back and helping them plan or think about how they can overcome those limitations. So, as we begin today, I'm curious to know are you aware of the limitations that you face in your life?


What Are Your Limitations?


I don't know what you may consider as a limitation. Maybe it’s your age. Maybe it's a degree. Maybe it's experience – that you're still lacking experience. In terms of health, maybe it's this sweet tooth, or maybe it's this desire to eat bread, or maybe it is some food that you just don't feel like you can give up. I don't know what the limitation may be for you. But, the first step in moving towards your goal is realizing what it is that may be holding you back. Is there any constraint that you have? That may be the first thing that you need to focus on is getting rid of that constraint or getting rid of that limitation.


We Limit Ourselves


How is it that you can do that? The first thing to realize is that the majority of limitations that we perceive, we place on ourselves. They're not true limitations in an objective sense. Maybe if there's a job that has an age limit of 35 years old and you're 55 – maybe that's a limitation. But, apart from something like that, most of the limitations that we experience in our life and that hold us back are things that we place on ourselves. There are certain beliefs that we have about ourselves or certain thoughts that we have about what we're capable of doing. So many times, I talk to people that talk about having low self-confidence. They don't believe in themselves, and that is one of the things that prevents people from taking a risk or moving forward to what they want. They'd rather play it safe in their comfort zone then to step out of their comfort zone and believe in themselves.


Knowing Is Half the Battle


So are you aware of the thing or the thoughts or the beliefs that may be limiting your progress toward your goal? If you have a clear goal and you make a plan, but you still have these beliefs that are pulling you back, it's going to limit how well you can move toward your goal. Now, apart just from you realizing what your goal is and apart from you knowing your limitation, what are you going to do to get over this limitation? How will you move over it? How will you move around it? How will you go through it? That's a challenge that a lot of people face. My question for you is, what can you do about your limitation today?


Let It Go (Cue the Frozen Theme Song)


If it's in your mind – if it's a belief that you have – what would it mean for you to let go of that belief, and how can you let go of that belief? There are a couple of simple questions. The first being, could you let go of that belief? Could you release that limitation? Could you think about yourself or your situation in a different way? Is it possible is all I'm asking you with this question? If it's possible and you could potentially at some point let go of the limitation or think about your situation in a different way, my second question to you is, would you? Would you be willing? The first question is, is it possible? The second question relates to will you? Would you? It's a choice. Would you be willing to think about your situation in a different way? The third question, apart from could you and would you is when – when will you commit to making that change in your life?


Are You Making Excuses?


Now that is usually the tough part. A lot of people say yeah I can think about things differently and yeah I would be willing to, but that's later. I'm not ready yet. I need to do something. I need to change something in myself. Fine – can you change that something in yourself? Would you be willing to change that something in yourself and when? The same three questions will apply to any limitation that you're putting on yourself. Can you – could you – the first question. Would you and when? You ask yourself those three questions. Hopefully, you'll get to a place when the final question will be now. Yes, you can change the way you think. Yes, you'll be willing to change the way you think. And, yes, you'll commit to doing it now.


Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel


Are there practical steps? Are there things that you're going to have to do? Absolutely. And, what are those steps? I'm going to be focusing on that – how you can overcome some of your limiting beliefs or break through mental barriers or bust through mental blockades. I'm going to be focusing on that in the next episode. But right now, the first step for you is just to become aware of those limitations and work through that process of three questions. Could you let go of those limitations? Would you let go of those limitations and when? If you'll go through just those beginning three steps, I'll continue to help you in the next episode work through it. If you've done that – if you're ready – what are the next steps for you?




Until we meet again, let me know in the comments down below, what it is that has been holding you back? And, are you willing to commit to changing your life? Are you willing to commit to moving towards your goal? Because if you let go of this limitation, it's going to be taking the weight off of you that's holding you back. And, it's going to let you move forward to where you want to be. I'm Dr. Matthew Blaylock, and I'll see you in the next episode. Until then, be strong and live well.




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